Love Languages

I don’t know who knows this, but there have been 5 love languages characterised by Dr. Gary Chapman. They are as follows:

Words of Affirmation
Physical Touch
Quality Time and
Acts of Service

For myself, the love language that I associate best with is Quality Time. There is only one flaw to that love language though. The fact that I am introverted. I do not like asking for the quality time that I so desire. It should not be such a difficult thing but it is. I cannot seem to bring myself to say the words (or even text the words) that I so desperately would want to say that would bring time together with loved ones.

But along with the Quality Time that I love and want and crave, if I can’t have that I’d be happy with just Daily Communication. But how often do I get texts from people? Who texts me? Texting is a two way street, but typically initiating seems to be by me. I don’t like initiating it always but it seems to be the only way.

This is not just the case with romantic endeavours (although, it has been slightly easier to ask for that) but it also has to do with friendships. Even with my roommate, asking for us to spend some quality time together shouldn’t be such a difficult task to accomplish but for some reason it is the hardest thing that I have to do.

Because of this hindrance keeping me from asking for the quality time that I want it keeps me from truly building up great and meaningful relationships. I see so many friendships around me, blossoming and growing and here I sit in my bedroom or living room all along when friends are out having fun and enjoying the quality time spent with one another.


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