Failed Relationships

As I had said before I have had 3 relationships in just over a year. I will confess, all 3 guys I met online, and this is just going to be a short summary of what I all went through, I will explain each one in more depth in their own posting. Let’s call these guys A, B, and C. Just for clarity sake, and so we don’t get them confused with each other.

I started talking to A in September of 2015, but I was shy and timid and scared to meet, because honestly, online dating is scary. I finally agreed to meet him and so we met November 1, 2015. Things started out slow, but I think when I finally came to the realisation that we had some mutual friends I did start opening up a bit more. Fast forward, two and a half months to our last 2 dates. Second last date with A felt great, we went out for dinner and then back to his place to talk and watch TV. It was a wonderful night. That weekend he was out of town, but I got a message from him saying he missed me and couldn’t wait to see me again. So that leads us to our last date, again we were just hanging out at his place. If I’m honest with myself, things didn’t feel quite right, something was off, but I didn’t know what it was. Two weeks went by with me trying to get together with A and having no success. Then on February 10, 2016 (yes, only 4 days before Valentine’s Day) I got the dreaded phone call. Things aren’t working. He is too busy, we have different interests. I was dumped, 4 days before Valentine’s. I was heartbroken, I had fallen in love with him and never even got the chance to tell him that. I was finally getting to be myself but things were over before I was able to do anything about it.

Fast forward a few months. May 1, 2016. I start talking to a new guy online (B), yes there is some distance between us, but from his profile he seems like a good guy and we even have a lot in common. So I decide to give things a chance with him. Every day for a week we chat online, finally after much consideration on May 7, I decide to text B. I guess one could say that this was a whirlwind romance, so to speak. We text every day, Skype 3 or 4 times a week. It’s great. I even open up with him more than I have anyone else in my life (at least for knowing someone in that amount of time) I was certain this time that B was the one. He was talking long term. He was talking marriage. Then June 13 we had planned to chat, but I hear nothing from him. I begin to worry, message him every where I can. Text, call (but voicemail is full) send a Skype message, tried fb-ing him (but it seems he deleted his account) Then the next day my friends search for him on Facebook. He’s still there. His relationship status says he’s dating someone else. In other words, he blocked me. No ‘sorry I’m not interested’ Nothing. Blocked and deleted from his life. As much as it hurt, I think a part of me wasn’t surprised. There were red flags, things that I didn’t want to admit out loud, but should have.

This past September 2016, I started talking to C online, we met November 4, 2016. I got, maybe 6/7 days a week daily communication, which was nice. He’s a great guy. On date #4 he gave me my first kiss. I never told him that. Maybe I should have told him that. We were getting to know each other, I really liked him. Although if I’m honest with myself, I knew things weren’t going to last but I liked the fact that I had someone. Then this weekend. January 8, 2017. We go out, yes, I had my hand on his arm and I was touching his back. But he put his arm around me, he was asking questions and making statements that made me think that he was happy and wanted to continue dating. In the course of a few short moments, we go from being happy to him saying that it isn’t going to work. That he kept hoping I was going to open up more. We had a total of 8 dates. You can’t expect a shy, introverted person to open up so much in just 8 dates. It takes time.

Everything takes time. This is just a short snippet of what my relationships were, how quickly they developed and then disappeared. I was heartbroken from A. Disappointed by B. And then Cautious with C.


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