Mere Misunderstandings 

Ok, so the night that C broke up with me, I sent the following text to a couple of girlfriends:

“So … I don’t know how I feel.

Apparently I’m the kinda girl that he could see himself settling down with but he just hasn’t felt a romantic connection.

Truthfully a part of me knew that [C] wasn’t the one for me, but I still kinda hoped that things would work out.”

Most of them understood that things were over between us. One friend responded with

“Oh Hun. I’m sorry 😞” – which to me, this meant that she understood that things were over between us.

Now after texting about things, because I’m waiting on her phone call, she said that she didn’t think we had broken up.

Ok, I admit, I didn’t say that I had yet another failed relationship, but her response made me believe that she knew what I meant.

Am I wrong to think that she understood what I meant? I’m not saying that I’m not in the wrong, maybe I am to some extent, but I would have thought that if she didn’t understand what I meant then she would have asked for clarification on the matter.

I don’t want her to think that I’m mad at her or think she’s wrong but from what she said I assumed that she understood.


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