Love and Hurt

I found out late last night that A got engaged on the weekend and I can’t even bring myself to tell anyone. A part of me still loves him, probably always will seeing as he was my first love. But we broke up less than a year ago (well, it’ll be a year next week) but it still hurts. I never told him that I loved him, he’ll never know that fact, we only dated for 3 months, but I knew by our second, maybe third date that I loved him and if thing didn’t work out that I would be heart broken. And I was. Still am.

I know that my roommate knows he’s engaged as she is Facebook friends with his mom, but I can’t bring myself to tell her that I know or any other friends that he’s engaged and moved on.

Everyone seems to be falling in love and getting engaged and here I am wanting a relationship and all I do is fail at it and get my heart broken.


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