So, I was all ready to go to bed tonight and my roommate came home and wanted to talk to me about her excitement from the evening. In the end she had some encouraging words for me.

“Thank you for being you, for taking the time to stop and think, not rushing on an answer but actually thinking about it. On the weekend when you were asked what you wanted to take home [my roomie is a Mary Kay consultant] you sat and thought about it for a minute and a half. I’m taught to wait and not pressure people into buying products. I knew you where the type to sit and think in silence but my director doesn’t know that about you. She appreciated the fact that you actually took the time to stop and think about it. So thank you, for taking your time. I know you are the quiet type and one day a guy will appreciate this fact about you and not force you to talk when you aren’t ready but will ask the right questions that will make you willing to open up and want to. He will deserve you. Just be patient and be thankful that you are you willing to stop and think and listen.”

I think with what I’ve been through over the last little bit that I really needed to hear that. All of it. Not just the part about the guys, because a part of me feels like I’m past that now, but the fact that I stop and think and that she was grateful for that fact about me.


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