A Modern Day Boaz


One Day, one day the man that will heal me from hurt and brokenness will help bring me to be the woman I am and love me for who I am.


Where Shall We Go From Here …

For the sake of keeping things hush hush without saying who is who, roommate is my roommate and friend is the friend that I’ve (or we’ve been having issues with)

So, 3 weeks after the initial messages that my roommate and I got from our friend in mere misunderstandings, my roommate finally decided to get back to our friend. I responded later the original day, expressing how I felt and never heard anything back, still haven’t, and I am uncertain on how to continue or what to do.

My roommate decided to message yesterday, the two of them have had issues in their friendship a number of times over the past year or so. Anyway, roommate finally got back to friend, asking what she meant by the whole thing. Does friend not want to be a friend anymore? Does she want to part ways and not hang out? Well, friend responded to roommate saying she needed time, that roommate causes too much stress and anxiety.

I know that roommate is still trying to figure things out with friend and know where the friendship stands. Although I’m glad she at least got a response, even if it didn’t actually answer the question of friendship was still possible, it is still causing problems.

Now it’s causing more conflicts and problems in me. I don’t know who I can talk to or confide in with this. This is a good friend of mine, both roommate and I were in her wedding party this past summer. I didn’t know we had problems, she never voiced to me that there were. And the one day that she did voice it and tell me there was something wrong and she wanted to talk, she never did call me like she said she would. Then a week later she drops the bombshell on me about needing space.

What have I done? How have I offended her? What can I do to fix this? I miss her, I miss this friendship and I don’t want to lose it. She has been with me through a lot and I’ve seen her through a lot.

I just want my friend back.



It’s so very true, it’s difficult, especially when the person that you have feelings for has moved on and you are stuck in the same spot, something that I am dealing with more now. It hurts to see ones that I have cared for move on, that they’ve moved on without me, but I know that there is someone special for me out there. One day, one day the feelings that I have will be reciprocated, but until that day comes, the feelings that I have for previous relationships are still there and they still hurt.

I Can Help

Last night I had a girlfriend message me and some other friends. I felt so honoured that she would included me into this insight of her life. I feel like I don’t know her super well. We have some great mutual friends but our friendship is still at the beginning stages.

Anyway, she went on to explain that she is having doubts with her faith. To me it is normal to have doubts, why would a God so just let so much tragedy happen in the world if He loved it so much? But that’s just something that you learn about and ask others for help understanding. God doesn’t put us through more than we can handle.

She also went on to say that she is feeling burnt out at work. I know working with kids can be hard, but you need to make sure to make room and time for yourself.

I did explain this to her and would continue to do so. I was honoured that she included me in the message and I will continue to be a listening ear and add advice where I can.