It’s Okay

Well, as hard as I thought that yesterday was going to be, surprisingly it wasn’t. Maybe because I never actually voiced to anyone what the day was, what the meaning of the day was. I hinted at friends that I needed a girls night, but never said in so many words what it was.
Let’s start at the beginning, after a not very good start to the week at work, yesterday I finally had a good day, a normal day.

And now jumping all over the place, my getting over the fact of not asking friends to hang out. I asked one friend if she wanted to get together and maybe we could get a group together for Friday night to go out. It was a smaller group, but a good group. And we were out dancing and joining others, so it’s not like it was just us.

I kept myself busy and occupied and surprisingly enough, I feel ok. It doesn’t hurt so much anymore. I may, after a full year, finally be over A. I may be ready to actually move on.

I will see how next weekend goes though, as I will be seeing A’s fiancée. I don’t know if she’s aware that we used to date or not, and not certain how things will go when I see her, but hopefully next weekend will go just as well as yesterday did.

So, here’s to seeing what the final result of it all will be. But glad that my heart finally is feeling better.


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