A Modern Day Boaz


One Day, one day the man that will heal me from hurt and brokenness will help bring me to be the woman I am and love me for who I am.


One thought on “A Modern Day Boaz

  1. The only man who can bring you from hurt and loneliness into a path of feeling loved and accepted for who you are is Jesus.

    Please don’t fool yourself into thinking a loving husband will solve all your emotional issues – only Jesus can do that.

    You are setting yourself up for big disappointment if you think a husband can do this. Yes it his his job to cherish you, appreciate you and take care of you, but he is still human and WILL fail you time and time again.

    We get married to look out for the other person’s needs not our own and the man God has chosen for you will be imperfect and will get things wrong loads.

    There will be times when you laugh and he doesn’t see the funny side. You fall out with someone and he sees their point of view. You need a hug and he just wants to sleep.

    Men are fantastic and a great gift from God but they cannot meet all our emotional needs. We have to cultivate an intimate relationship with God so that WHEN your man fails you, you know where to turn. I wish you all the best in finding this attribute in Jesus and finding the imperfect human being he made to stumble along life with you. xx


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