Advice Given

So last night I got together with a girlfriend. I figured I wanted to talk to a friend that didn’t know my friend that I have been having communication issues with lately.

So, talking through things, she could see that I was hurting and that I truly care and miss this friend that I am having communication issues with. Her advice, since texting doesn’t seem to work, because something keeps getting lost in our texts and we are both getting upset. Give my friend a call, tell her I’d like to get together for coffee or a walk so that we can talk. By doing this I am putting myself out there, showing that I care, that I miss her, but also not getting into what we need to talk about because that’ll just make me upset at the time.

Then, when we finally do get together, mention to my friend, that my emotions may come out, and I may be silent for a couple minutes as I compose myself.

It does sound like good advice, it’s just gathering up enough nerve in the first place to make the phone call. What if she says no? What if things don’t go well? What if she just wants to talk on the phone and I can’t get the words out that I need to say?

This shouldn’t be something difficult, but it is, something I need to work the nerve up to do as it is important to me.

Time to work through the nerves and build up the courage. With God all things are possible, if He wants this friendship to work out then He will make things work. I just need to rely on Him.


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