Being Assertive

So, for some reason this post never got posted … I’m not quite sure why, I wrote it back on February 24 …

I am not one that is good at being assertive, but yesterday I was. It was my Aunt’s birthday and since I don’t have her number and she unfriended me on Facebook, the best thing I could do was send her a message on fb, which she does usually respond to. This time I felt that her response was so short with me that I felt that it was the last straw, so to speak. Anyway, when I got home from work I decided to write her a message, hopefully it would be received well. Here is what I wrote:

Aunt Mary, this has been on my mind for awhile. I feel unloved and uncared for when you are short with me in your responses. You are my aunt and I love you. I wish we had a better relationship, that we could talk and visit again, I do miss you and Chris. Love you.

There is so much more that I could have added into there, but I left it at that for now. Hoping to hear back. Well, within 15 minutes of sending the message, she had viewed it. But she hasn’t responded to it. I love my aunt and I miss her, haven’t seen her for 5 or 6 years and she doesn’t talk to half of my family. I know it hurts my mom, and it hurts me too. I would like to have a deeper relationship with her and hope that one day she will find it in her heart to come back to the family.

As annoyed as I was that she had seen the message and not said anything, I was being still. Being quite. Then I talked to my roommate about it this morning. She said, “maybe she’s trying to think of the right thing to say, the right words to use.” Bless her soul, my wonderful roomie, for when I am doubtful she comes up with such words of wisdom that I need to listen to. My message to my aunt would not have been so nice if it weren’t for my roomie, she gave the insight to do it in such a way that I’m not putting blame on my aunt but letting her know how I feel.


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