Mere Misunderstanding Pt 3

So, last week, March 6, I called my friend. Unfortunately she didn’t answer, but I told her I missed her, I told her I wanted to get together and talk, I told her I wanted to work things out. Two days later, I get this text from her:

“Hey hun, I’m sorry I missed your call. I really appreciate that you reached out to me to work this out but I just don’t feel like I’m ready to talk this out yet. When I’m ready I will definitely reach out to you. I hope you understand.”

So I decided to sleep on that and would respond later the next day. My response to her was:

“I know you’ve needed time and space, but this past summer you had given me the honour of standing up with you as one of your bridesmaids and that’s not something I take lightly. I want to talk about what has been bothering you as I feel like it came out of nowhere as I can’t remember you ever verbalising any issues with me. You said you need more time, and that’s fine, I’ll continue to pray for you and for our relationship. But I do hope that you will be willing to get together soon as this has been weighing heavy on my heart and I’m still not entirely sure what happened.”

I’m trying to express how I feel, without putting in too much feeling because I don’t want her to misread or put in the wrong emotion where I’m trying to stay positive. She is a dear friend of mine. I was one of her bridesmaids last summer. There was a reason why she picked me and I still have no idea what happened or went wrong, as she won’t tell me. A part of me wants to send her texts every week or two, so she sees that I still care, that I’m still here and not going to leave when the times get tough, but will she get the wrong idea? Will she think I’m harassing her? She said she needed time, I gave her a month, which in the actual scheme of things isn’t that long, but how can you push someone that special to you away without any word.


2 thoughts on “Mere Misunderstanding Pt 3

  1. It’s obvious that you are a great friend who has excellent communication skills.
    All your messages have been seasoned with grace and I see nothing wrong with them.

    Hers however, are odd. Dissimissive to the point of lying. How much time does she need?!

    Like you, I crave closure on things but in my experience it doesn’t always happen in our desired timing.

    I wouldn’t keep texting her, as her silence will aggravate you even more. Plus she knows what she said to you has pushed you away and cannot blame you for holding back.

    It sounds like she is not mature enough to be honest with you and has decided to shut you out. I can’t imagine the pain you are going through right now.

    As hard as it is, leave it with God and get on with your life and don’t fall into the trap of discussing it with people who know her, not even out of concern, for it will just be mis-interpreted as gossip.

    Kind regards,
    Sharon xx


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