A Step in the Right Direction (pt 5)

Ok, so after Saturday’s awkward night seeing my friend. I did some thinking, and a bit of praying of my own. Went back on fourth with whether or not I wanted to reach out again and tell her how I was feeling.

So Monday afternoon, I sent her a text, using a whole lot of ‘I feel’ statements, so that she wouldn’t feel like I was putting the blame on her, but I wanted her to know what I was going through and how I felt. Then ended off the text with more honesty and vulnerability by telling her that I had cried the whole way home from our friends house.

I was actually shocked to get a response from her. We did communicate (via text) for a couple of hours, and yes I know that texting isn’t the best way to communicate and things can still be taken the wrong way, but it was a step in the right direction which I was grateful for.

I still don’t fully understand where she is coming from, saying that I correct her all the time, because everyone that I’ve asked says that I don’t correct people, at least not often. Besides, does she want to go around thinking something is right when she is obviously wrong on a fact? Well, either way, that’s beside the point.

Anyway, she went on to explain that every time we got together she would always get very anxious about it and not know what the problem was. She said she was sorry for not giving me any warning.

We are going to get together for coffee later next week to talk about things more. So for right now I need to be ok with where things are and pray that things continue to get resolved.


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