On the Mend (pt 6)

Ok, so we got together yesterday. Leading up to it, I was so nervous and anxious about the outcome that it was taking quite the toll on me. When I pulled up to the coffee shop I was pretty sure that I saw her car, but I told myself I needed to pray first. I pulled out my phone and reread the prayer that I had first written out when she told me 2 months ago that we needed to talk (and never did)

I walk in, not fully knowing what to expect or how to greet her. But she was being friendly enough, gave me a welcoming hug and we both got drinks and sat down and began to chat.

She explained how she isn’t a very detailed person and how when I would tell her something happened on this day at this particular time that’s how she felt I was always correcting her.

I can’t help that I have a weird memory and can remember certain dates that I remember odd facts about different gatherings and interactions.

I also mentioned to her that at times I felt like she always took the conversation back to her. I would be trying to talk something important and she would turn it to herself and something she was dealing with. She said she didn’t know that and would try and work on fixing that about herself.

Overall, it was a positive outcome from our coffee time, but I think it will take time for our relationship to get back to where it was. As we were talking I didn’t fully feel like myself and every time she asked for a correct answer I had to clarify with her if she wanted me to give it to her or just leave something unknown. This will be difficult and it will be a process, but if we both work together I think this friendship can be saved.


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