What’s Your Beef?

Well, this morning, my roommate sent me a message (guess it was actually last night but I only saw it this morning) about how much she appreciates me and that I’m always there for her.

At one point she went on to say that, just because I’m her friend doesn’t mean that I always have to be there for her as we have dealt with friends who disappear when the getting gets tough. Maybe it’s easy for me to stay by her side and support her with what she’s all going through.

My response? No it’s not always easy. Sometimes I don’t know what to say, sometimes I get annoyed but that doesn’t mean I don’t care.

So she decided we needed to have a ‘what’s your beef’ talk – one thing I didn’t want to do as me and confrontation don’t mix.

So when it finally got time to talk, I didn’t want to say what had been bothering me on the weekend because I knew it would hurt her. Here’s what I said:

‘I work with kids all day during the week, I don’t want to come home and deal with an adult acting like a child. If you don’t think you can do your job then quit it, otherwise suck it up, you are good at what you do, stop doubting yourself and have some faith.’

Unfortunately for me she focused more on the work part. I think that’s the part I can deal with better. It’s when she is acting like a child that I feel fed up.

So I got part of how I feel out, but not all of it.

But part of it is also the Mental Health issues and I want to be considerate of that. But I also need to look out for my well being, and seeing someone who is always being down on themselves and acting like a child at times isn’t good for me either. No, I don’t have mental health issues, she does, but everyone deals with little pieces of mental health, whether diagnosed or not, we all have pieces of it. Some are just more extreme than others.


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