Ok, so it’s coming up on a year of my roommate and I being roommates and there are things that had bugged me and irked me, but I’ve never told her. One of which I feel like she sleeps ALL THE TIME. Don’t get me wrong, sleep is great, but not all the time. And so it would annoy me when I would come home and she’d be sleeping on the couch (lately it’s more so in her room which I do appreciate more) or her falling asleep while we watch a show together. But she’s also constantly complaining about how tired she always is. Well you know what, I work a tiring job and am tired at the end of the day too and would love to have a nap, but I also know that that’ll mess up my sleep for the night so I don’t. And don’t get me started on this loud obnoxious yawn that she does! It’s like she’s purposely overemphasizing it.

Anyway, I need to stop putting down all the negative. I was talking to some girlfriends tonight about her. Saying how she has a mild case of sleep apnea. One of them has sleep apnea and the other one has other health issues that keep her awake and in pain that she can’t sleep well.

These two kinda put things in perspective for me. The fact that she sleeps ‘ALL THE TIME’ as I put it, is because she’s never getting a restful sleep, always waking up and her body isn’t getting the rest that it needs. That it’s a different kind of tired then being tired from working a long week. As for the loud obnoxious yawn, well maybe it’s her bodies way of getting the oxygen that it needs.

I’m going to try to be more considerate, more thoughtful of this.

If anyone has advice on how to handle (lack of a better word) someone with sleep apnea I’d be all ears (or eyes in this case) to know what you do. How you encourage them, treat them, talk to them about it.


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