Communication is Key

I started writing this blog after C broke up with me. I guess that it was a way for me to help understand myself. Figure out what was bothering me and where the different relationships in my life were headed. It was also a nice way to get input from the outside world. Advice on things that I typically wouldn’t ask anyone, but keep bottled up inside of me.

Well, after seeing ‘D’ (let’s go with the letter scheme that I have already been using) for 3 weeks now. Truthfully, I don’t want to get my hopes up too much. I don’t know what’s going to come from this. I like him and I like where things are going. I have felt that I am able to talk more and communicate more with him than the other guys. And unlike the other guys who would fill in the silent gaps of talking about themselves (or just talking about something in general) D doesn’t. It’s true, we do have times of awkward silence, but we also have times of quiet, peace in the others company. Sure there are times that I want to say something but instead just marvel in the silence of his company.

One of the things that I have wanted in a relationship, I have gotten with him though. My daily communication. No, we don’t talk on the phone, but that’s alright, he texts me when he has a free moment and vice versa.

We have talked about some more important things, in our 5 dates, then I did with anyone else. I appreciate his willingness to bring up such subjects as limits and boundaries in this. I know for me something I want, something I long for in a relationship is to grow spiritually together as well, as Christ called his children to be one. I realize that the only way to get there with D is to bring up the subject, something I hope to do soon, but don’t want to push it as this relationship is still new and I don’t want to scare him away.

We both agree that communication is key and that if something is bothering us, that we need to talk about. I just need to get over my nerves and use my words with him.


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